Quality and safety

Since the Company’s first days, the main principle was to ensure the product quality. Therefore, in June 1998, we created our own testing laboratory accredited by the national accreditation system of the Republic of Belarus where all raw materials and finished products undergo thorough quality control. It was established to improve our competitiveness on the market in Belarus and abroad, to continuously enhance the production quality, to meet the consumer needs, to improve management efficiency and provide stability and social guarantees to those employed.

In the autumn of 2005 we implemented and certified a quality management system for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001, while in December 2008 we successfully implemented and were certified for compliance with the requirements of STB 1470 (which sets the basic requirements for a quality and safety management system based on hazard analysis and critical control points − HACCP).

Our production process fully complies with all the international quality standards.

Certificates of conformity