Sauce KAMAKO «Soy Mushroom flavor» — КAМAКО
KAMAKO is a leading producer of mayonnaise, sauces and ketchup in Belarus more than for 27 years.

Sauce KAMAKO «Soy Mushroom flavor»

Low-calorie product
Sauce KAMAKO «Soy Mushroom flavor»

Gives your dishes a light mushrooms flavour and a richly caramel-brown color. Used for marinating meat, dressing salads, and as a sauce for meat and fish dishes, seafood, rice, pasta, vegetable stew and sushi.

Shelf life
9 months
Plastic bottle
Net weight
180 g
Cargo packing
Amount in package
15 pcs
Ethnic sauce
GMO free
GMO free
Vegetarian product
Vegetarian product