The KAMAKO plant is a leader in sauce, mayonnaise, and ketchup production in the Republic of Belarus.

Products marked with the KАМАKО brand means compliance with the highest Company’s quality standards concerning raw materials, requirements for production, quality and taste of the finished products.

KАМАKО — guaranties the best quality.

Plant and equipment

  • the company is equipped with high-performance equipment. The majority of the processes are automated and monitored by an operator;
  • the basic ingredients (oil, water, vinegar) are supplied from the warehouse and weighed automatically on operator’s command from host computers;
  • the finished products are fed to the filling equipment on operator’s command from the electronic control panel (router) along disjoint paths;
  • the shift supervisor monitors the compliance with the procedures and production standards online via video cameras. It ensures prompt response to the slightest violations and deviations from the requirements established.

The production process fully complies with all the international quality standards.

  • separated (zoned) storage of personal and sanitary clothes is organized in cloakrooms;
  • working wear is washed daily;
  • entrance to the production shop is through a sanitary inspection station (hand washing) and disinfectants (cleaning of shoe soles);
  • windows are protected against insects with nets; electronic flycatchers are installed in corridors and the shop;
  • rodent traps are placed in the outer perimeter of the shop to ensure rodent-free environment;
  • WC toilets and washbasins are equipped with pedal and sensory devices that do not require touching drainage systems;
  • the production facilities are treated with germicidal (UV) lamps twice per shift;
  • the production and storage facilities are equipped with a climate control system (including the finished products warehouse). The temperature and humidity are displayed on screens for continuous monitoring of the microclimate parameters.

Testing laboratory

Our own accredited testing laboratory equipped with the necessary measuring devices and high-quality equipment for microbiological and physicochemical tests provides input control of raw materials and inspection of finished products. The laboratory is certified for working with opportunistic and pathogenic biological agents of the first and the second risk groups.

The laboratory controls every single element in the plant: raw materials and finished products, process equipment and accessories, workplaces and containers, air and water, hands and sanitary clothes of employees. Raw materials, containers, and materials are not released for production, and finished products - for the warehouse storage until the laboratory report is issued. The laboratory has premises where the required test conditions are ensured and maintained by the highly qualified specialists. The laboratory premises include a tasting room. It’s the working place of a tasting committee whose job is to assess the company’s products and inventions;

Dmitry Reut CEO of the Company explains the reason for such a tough cleanliness policy:

Dmitry Reut
CEO of the Company
«KAMAKO mayonnaise is produced using a cold production technique which ensures maximum preservation of useful properties of all components and ingredients. It seems quite simple, but in fact it is complicated because there are no thermal processes ensuring microbiological safety. Therefore, high production standards are required to achieve the same results using the cold technique. And all our quality control and safety systems exist precisely to guarantee the product safety while applying this technique»

The company has a pilot plant installation that allows the team of technologists to develop new raw material types, produce experimental samples with set characteristics, create new types of products and customize them.


The Company provides job opportunities for disabled people with hearing, speech, vision, and musculoskeletal disorders. Currently, more than 50 % of the employees — are disabled people;

We aim for highly qualified specialists and improving their competences.