Brilliant victory of Belarus! KAMAKO Ketchup «Klassichesky» and Mayonnaise KAMAKO «Provansal Stolichny»won the most prestigious European professional competition Superior Taste Award in the nomination «For Excellent Taste»!

Belarusian products conquer Europe!

120 most reputable chefs and sommeliers, owners of Michelin stars, gave the highest mark to KAMAKO mayonnaise and ketchup. A true and unbiased victory in the Superior Taste Awards proves the unparalleled quality of our products.

Christian De Bow, the founder of the International Institute of Taste and Quality, commented on the results of our participation in the Superior Taste Award:

«We didn’t expect to see ketchup and mayonnaise from Belarus. In Europe, we are used to the well-known European and international brands and thus we were leery of new products. But the results speak for themselves. KAMAKO mayonnaise and ketchup got highest grades at blind tasting and thus proved again that there are a lot of qualified food producers in Belarus. We hope that next year they will surprise us again.».

We are proud to say that more and more Belarusian producers are getting world recognition! Our victory is the victory of Belarus!